01 junio 2006


Surete tte. Anata no basho e kaze ni natte. Patricia san iki wo hisomete. Tsurete tte anata wa doko e toki wo koe kokoro Patricia san. Shiroku tooku ate mo shiranai kioku hodoku.

A ver a ver. Antes de irme a dormir. Patricia en el carrusel. Había que darle vueltas con la mano porque el motor no servía. A Patricia parecía no importarle. Ella reía.

Let's see. Before i go to sleep. Patricia on the carrousel. It has to be moved with the hand coz' the engine was broken. Patricia was allright with that. She laughed.

Ajá, aquí está una parte del proceso de fotochopeado de Patricia. desde el dibujo original hasta la version casi final sin texturas. (Clic para agrandar - Click to enlarge)


Anonymous okickoff said...

Amigo, permítame llamarlo así, excelentes ilustraciones, en técnica, estilo, forma son realmente admirables.

10:26 a. m.  
Blogger Franca Alejandra said...

Muy Bien, buen triping...que merma .... tienes talento, musa visual, tus manos vuelan, como tu mente...
Keep Loving ART and ART will be your lover 4ever


6:40 p. m.  
Blogger Alina Chau said...

beautiful expressive face!! Can totally feel hear joy!!

7:37 p. m.  
Blogger DdK said...

thanks for poppin' by. I like your stuff, kind of edgey and loose, but solid as well.

1:46 a. m.  
Blogger DdK said...

Known faces?

1:48 a. m.  
Blogger GhettoFab said...

wow! Love the colors and her emotions are easily read Nice to see the progression with it too. Simply amazing!

10:22 a. m.  
Blogger Patrick said...

Wow- you have some fantastic work on your blog here. This piece looks great- I really like the color on her hair. Excellent job!!

10:44 a. m.  
Blogger Ethe said...

Este dibujo es precioso *_*, pues menos mal que solo esta coloreado encima de un boceto que si no ufff..muy muy biens ! un saludo :)

4:22 p. m.  
Blogger Jo Bling said...

Really sweet, man, she sounds like she's a happy lady. By the way, my brother used to have purple fuzzy dice like those in his old mini car!

Bada Bling!

11:11 a. m.  
Blogger Chris Battle said...

Cute! Nice job, man. I like how you even included the reflection of you taking the picture in her sunglasses.

6:49 p. m.  
Blogger boob said...

Super cute. LOVE the colors - who's responsible? You or her? :)

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog by the way. I had to check out your gal after you left a comment. Great stuff!

3:52 p. m.  
Blogger El leo said...

She is, of course, I just tried to approximate to her beauty. i'm just an instrument of the best motherfkngods hands who made her!

2:58 p. m.  
Blogger DrKnoche said...

Excelente, pana, excelente. Qué buena sorpresa ver trabajos de alta calidad. Me gustaría ver animaciones, cuando las hagas.

4:54 p. m.  

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