05 junio 2006

Illustration Friday - Portrait

Para illustration friday. Esta semana la palabrita es Portrait (Retrato).

Vamos a hablar claro, vamos a ponernos cafre, déjense de pendejases
, vamos a irnos por lo básico, por las bases: El dibujo crudo, pa variar, sin más fotochop que para ajustar los niveles. El muchacho que está cagado de la risa es Rafa, uno de mis mejores amigos. Los dibujos de abajo también los hice en la misma sesión. Eso sí, las fotos de referencias son de hace un año y el otro que sale soy yo.

Anteriormente he publicado par de retratos que quizás les pueden gustar más, pero los publiqué antes de que definieran el tema de la semana en ilustreishon fraidei, así que no se vale, pero igualito, visítenlos... click acá y acá.

OK, you already know how it works, each friday, in illustration friday, somebody proposes a topic to be illustrated on the week. This week, the topic is Portrait.
Let's start with the basics, the good ol' pencil, actually, i always start with it, but this time i wanted to keep it simple and strong, without photoshop... well, just levels to make it clear for the screen... The guy who is laughing is Rafael, one of my best friends. I made the other drawings it in the same session, sunday afternoon, and the photos are from oct 2005, he has the same look, the other guy it's me when i had the long hair.

Actually, i've already published two portraits at this blog, but they were not for Illustration Friday, so i didn't link them directly. However, i think maybe you can like 'em. Please click here and here to see them. :)


Blogger Cez said...

beautiful ...love it

8:15 a. m.  
Blogger Cale Atkinson said...

Hey Leonardo, nice job on the pic!
To answer the couple Q's you left on my blog:
1) The programs I use for my work are adobe photoshopa and macromedia flash. ( I havent tried toonboom but have heard of it)

2) I'm sorry but I'm not really sure of places to apply to but if you keep searching around and meeting people I'm positive something will turn up!

3) From what I've learned the best things to include in your portfolio would be the best of your work (obviously), to include sketches aswell as finished art and life studies. I've also been told to try and aim your portfolio to what position you are hoping to gain ie. character design, layout, backgrounds etc. Aim for about 20 pages as you definatley dont want it to be too big!

I hope these help and wish you all the best luck in your search! Keep up the great work!

12:02 a. m.  
Blogger Guillermo said...

en el de abajo Ud. es una extraña mezcla entre un simio, hector lavoe y Ud. mismo...

vaya con el señor amigo leo

9:48 p. m.  
Blogger Hans said...

Hey Leonardo,

Great sketches and really good expressions. I love the Patricia sketch as well, such a great additude and good coloring too. Keep up the good work:)


10:20 a. m.  
Blogger ahmed said...

nice sketch

12:37 p. m.  
Blogger karcarah - sCHIZOide MAN said...

seus desenhos são excelentes! Este em especial, me chama muita atenção...parabéns

10:37 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...


2:55 a. m.  

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